New free report for families with children headed to college in the next 1-3 years...

The NEW FAFSA Changes...and What They Mean For You

Congress passed the massive CARES Act in January 2021, which, among other things, overhauled the financial aid rules for families with multiple children in college, divorced / separated families, families with grandparents who help pay for college and other categories. Read this short "cheat sheet" to see how the changes could affect you....and what to do about them!

The author has been featured repeatedly over the years for his college expertise in media such as:

The latest report by college planning expert, Andrew Lockwood, J.D., founder of Lockwood College Prep in Long Island, New York and author of four best selling books, including  the #1 Best Seller, "How to Negotiate Your Crappy Financial Aid and Need-Based Award." 

This report covers changes pertaining to families with multiple children in college, with grandparents who help pay for college and divorced/separated/informally separated families, among other things. 

It is intended as a readable SUMMARY, not a complete line-by-line, blow-by-blow textbook.  

There is nothing to buy, this report is offered without obligation or awkward sales pressure.  Available for a limited time, as a marketing experiment.  We don't share your contact information with anyone.